Your Caribbean Trip

With Simoust we take you to paradise : swimming with turtles, sailing between islands, kite-surfing in the lagoon, resting on pristine beaches, hiking to beautiful waterfalls and discovering new Creole tastes ! Your skipper will invent with you the best itinerary to fulfill your wishes.

New ! Below are some ideas of itinerary. They are are examples among others. We will be happy to plan your cruise, so as to fit your needs and passions best!

Aboard Simoust, everything becomes possible! Contact us to design your very own private cruise.


Itinerary 1 – Martinica’s windward coast,  kitesurfing paradise. 7 nights

Highlights : Kitesurfing , snorkeling, short sailing, unspoiled anchorages

On arriving in Le Marin, in the south of Martinica island, you will be welcomed by the crew and make yourself comfortable onboard for a first night at anchor or if there is still enough time we’ll sail  to the white sand beach of Sainte Anne bay  for the night.

On the next day, a morning navigation will lead us to the East Coast, passing by wild landscapes, to arrive to a narrow channel between coral reefs and finally drop anchor in The Englishmen Bay. Mangrove vegetation and birds offer a peaceful anchorage. Here we have reached  the Windward coast, a huge playground for kite surfing: wind is blowing steady over this big emerald lagoon protected from the swell by the coral reefs. On the following days we will sail short hops from one anchorage to another where you can kite surf, snorkel, enjoy paddle and kayak, swim in natural pools of cristal waters. This idyllic coast is not frequently visited and the playing field rivals the Grenadines for beauty and kite surfing spots.

Kite surfing spots are: Pointe Faula, Anse Michel, Anse Trabaud, Anse Petit Marabou… Back to Le Marin with a stopover at Salines beautiful sandy beach surrounded by palm trees, where you can pick local handicraft.

Itinerary 2 – Martinica’s leeward coast, diving and tourism. 7 nights

Highlights: diving, snorkeling, villages and Creole culture

On arriving in Le Marin, in the south of Martinica island, you will be welcomed by the crew, make yourself comfortable onboard for a first night at anchor or if it is early enough we will have a short sail to the white sand beach of Sainte Anne bay to spend the night. On the following day, we will organize a diving session at the famous Diamond Rock with a local diving center. Symbol of the island, this iconic rock is well known for its fantastic marine life in open sea. A 3h sail downwind will lead us to the post-card like village of Les Anses d’Arlet: two lovely bays bordered by white sand beaches and a colorful village. With a local diving center you will explore the several spots close by or just enjoy a nice snorkeling session. Around the boat at anchor you will meet green turtles coming to eat the sea grass patches. On the shore, a variety of restaurants and beach bars offer great local gastronomy as well as some live music evenings to enjoy under the stars. A day excursion to Anse Noire will give you the possibility of a nice snorkeling in this tiny black sandy bay surrounded by coconut trees and pristine waters. With the dinghy we can have a close look at the wild coastline and enter little caves inhabited by bats! A fullday sailing to St Pierre in the North of Martinica will show you a completely different face of the island. We will sail by the large bay of Fort de France and on to the foot of the impressive volcano called Montagne Pelée. This volcano exploded in 1902, causing the total destruction of St Pierre, which was one of the largest cities in the Caribbean at that time and leading to the sinking of all commercial ships anchored in the bay. Lots of them are still well preserved at the bottom of the sea and are the main attraction when diving in this area. A couple of divings can be organized with local diving centers. Time to come back from St Pierre to Le Marin under sail with the option of a last night stop at Les Anses d’Arlet or Sainte Anne.


Itinerary 3 – Martinica and Saint Lucia, sailing and hiking. 7 nights

Highlights: A cocktail of sea and mountains

On arriving in Le Marin in the south of Martinica island, you will be welcomed by the crew, and make yourself comfortable onboard for a first night at anchor. On the following day, a short navigation will take us to the stunning long white beach of Les Saline. From there a trail runs alongside the coast up to the wild windward side with cliffs and beautiful untouched beaches. At sunset we will set sails to the picturesque village of Ste Anne for the night. On the next day after a 3 hours sail crossing the channel between the 2 islands, welcome to Saint Lucia! We will stay in Rodney Bay where the skipper will deal with the immigration documents for all the crew. An easy trail will take you to the remainings of a Fort on the top of Pigeon island inlet and a 360° view over Martinica and Saint Lucia. At sunset, relax and sip one of the best piña colada of all the Caribbean in the beach bars. On the next day, you may rent a car or a taxi for the day to explore the luxurious forest of the inland and its many hikes on « Nature Trail » and « Forest Trail ». The following days we will sail smoothly along Saint Lucia leeward side to the anchorages of Marigot Bay, tiny bay surrounded by coconut trees and Soufrière Bay located at the foot of the imposing Deux Pitons. These two sharp mountains falling in the sea are symbols of the island and you will even find them on the local beer label. From the shore, don’t miss the nice trips to the Diamond Botanical Garden with profusion of tropical flowers and a secret waterfall rich in minerals. On the last day we will set sail back to Le Marin, Martinica.


Itinerary 4 – Martinica and Saint Lucia, sailing training. 7 nights

Highlights: A diversity of environments to train and to perfect your sailing skills

We will set up the program together to meet your needs:

  • project to sail with your family
  • managing your children schooling onboard, school by mail
  • managing catering and maintenance to sail with autonomy
  • project to gain more self-confidence and safe habits while sailing, in order to be able to rent a boat without  a skipper…

Sailing Area: South of Martinica and Sainte Lucia.

Environments: channels between the islands, anchorage with or without wind, mooring buoy to pick-up…


Itinerary 5 – The Grenadines, kite-surfing and snorkeling paradise. 10 to 14 nights.

Highlights: A destination accessible only by sea, an incredible palette of turquoise waters, lots of sailing.

From Le Marin in Martinica we will sail for nearly 2 days with stops at anchor for the nights. We will sail along the scenic leeward sides of St Lucia, St Vincent and Bequia. From Bequia we enter the Grenadines archipelago, where we will hop from one island to another: stunning lagoons, amazing beaches, rich underwater wildlife with lots of turtles and rays, colorful villages of rasta influence…

Each island has a kite-surfing spot and you won’t want to leave 🙂

The snorkeling lovers will be in heaven too, as the Grenadines coral reefs have been protected as a marine reserve for a while and that makes all the difference. You might be lucky enough to meet a peaceful sleeper shark, not dangerous but impressive. It will take a full day of sailing to get back from Tobago Cays to St Lucia and then on the next day to Martinica.

Another option, if you’d rather stay longer in the Grenadines and sail less, is to come back with a small aircraft from Union, Canouan or St Vincent to Martinica.

Duration: the Grenadines are far from Martinica therefore I recommend a minimum of 10 days in order to have time to explore and enjoy the archipelago instead of spending most of the time sailing. Ideally a 2 weeks cruise is the best way to go to the famous spots as well as other beautiful, off the beaten tracks, such as Cariacou.

Itinerary 6 – The Grenadines, kite-surfing and snorkeling paradise. 13 or more nights.

Highlights: A destination accessible only by sea, an incredible palette of turquoise waters, lots of sailing.

Same itinerary than number 5 but with more time, which enables you to add some stopovers in quieter bays or to stay longer in your favorite spot! It is possible to keep going southward, to Grenada via Cariacou. These islands are off the beaten tracks and offer wonderful anchorages, such as the tiny “Morpion” island!

Don’t count the days anymore, and enjoy this mythic destination!

Itinerary 7Guadeloupe and its islands, kite surf, beach and creol culture. 7 to 10 nights.

Highlights: A great variety of stopovers, an authentic culture, short sailing.

Discover Guadeloupe by the sea, with kite surfing spots on the East coast (Bois Jolan for beginners and Le François for experienced) and the North-West coast (îlet Caret). Turquoise waters and coral reefs enable those who don’t kite, to enjoy snorkeling among the fish.

We will also discover surrounding islands: Marie-Galante, the “beautiful sleeping island”, with a round and flat shape, encircled by large beaches of white sand in the South-West. There the main activity is sugar cane, still harvested with ox carts. A nice option is to rent a car or scooters to tour the island, visit artisanal rum distillery (tasting!), see the roaring devil hole on the windward coast, and enjoy fish or seafood specialties in the beach restaurants.

Good to know: the famous “Terre de Blues” festival takes place each year in may. This festival aims at linking the 3 St Louis: St Louis, heart place of the blues in the States, in the 30’s; St Louis of Senegal, symbol of an African descent, and St Louis of Marie-Galante, creole. These three cities meet around the music, born from this melting.

Head for Les Saintes Islands: an archipelago of two main inhabited islands, and seven small desert islands. Here, the setting is that of a post-card: exquisite lovely creole villages, where you won’t miss the delightful “tourment d’amour” a local pastry, small beaches in each bay, snorkeling spots, remarkable geological formation in sugar loaf… And between the two main islands: a windy kite surfing spot. What else?

Depending on the length of your stay, we may either sail toward the West coast of Guadeloupe, to the Cousteau Reserve (best spot for snorkeling) or anchor at the authentic village of Deshaies, with diving centers and whale watching tours during spring.

Itinerary 8 – Antigua and Barbuda, kite-surfing and snorkeling, an air of Polynesia. 10-13 or more nights.

Highlights: the turquoise lagoon of Barbuda, the Caribbean English touch of Antigua and Nelson’s Dockyard UNESCO site

Starting from Guadeloupe, we will set the sails to reach Antigua within 6-7 hours of sail. Countless battles between the French and  the British have left  some nice vestiges, such as Admiral Nelson quarters in English Harbour. While the skipper is making  the clearance in this charming natural port, enjoy the attracting pubs, small hikes on the surrounding hills or a kayak and paddle tour at the foot of the Hercules Columns, wave-sculptured rocks.

All year long and especially during the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta and the Antigua Sailing Week, English Harbour gathers an impressive fleet of beautiful classic boats and modern racing boats.

Head now toward the East coast and the “Green Islands” anchorage: a labyrinth of small  deserted islands and coral reefs breaking the waves but not the wind. So it is a nice kite surfing spot to discover.

Within a 4 or 5 hours navigation, we get to the idyllic Barbuda island. Welcome to Coco Point, a huge but quiet lagoon, surrounded by coconut trees and a white sanded beach as far as your eyes can see. It feels like being in Tahiti!

A true jewel for kite surfing on calm and turquoise water, to make long down-wind…

Snorkeling lovers will be happy: Barbuda is a marine reserve and fish, turtles and leopard rays are plenty. A second anchorage in the North-West of Barbuda, “11 miles beach” is characterized by a long and thin sand strip, between the Caribbean sea and the inner lagoon. These anchorages are two outstanding kite surfing spots.

Sail back to Guadeloupe with a stopover at Five Island, peaceful West coast of Antigua, before reaching the nice creole village  of Deshaies, in Guadeloupe.



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